Today’s Lesson
Prayer Point - Pray that the Lord will remain your shepherd always.
Previous Knowledge - Teacher should examine the students' work and make corrections. Teacher reminds students on what the last week's lesson was focused upon.
A. BIBLE PASSAGE -John 10:1-16

B. Memory Verse - "The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want."Psalm 23:1

C. Lesson Introduction - The shepherd guides, leads, supplies, protects and cares for his sheep" The Lord God Almighty is the Shepherd of our soul. In our study today, we will see attributes in Him to confirm this .As we do so, may the Holy Spirit continue to reveal more truths to us in Jesus' name. Amen.


A. Lesson Aim - To study about the true qualities of a shepherd and hirelings.

B. Teaching Objectives and Lesson Plan. At the end of the lesson, students should be able to identify Jehovah as the only true shepherd.

C. Text Review- John 10:1-16
This scripture carefully indicates the nature, identity, behaviour, characters and unique qualities of Jehovah Rohi.

  1. He is the door through which the sheep can enter. Verse 1,7
  2. He knows the sheep's name and the sheep's identity. Verse 7
  3. He leads the sheep (He goes in front) Verse 4
  4. He leads the sheep to a green pasture Verse 10
  5. He is a good shepherd Verse 11 a
  6. He lays down his life for the sheep and defends them from wolf.

Verse 11 b
H is flock is one big fold. Verse 16
Jesus is the good shepherd. This is proved through the use of the clauses as "I am the good shepherd". Verse 11 & 14 and Verse 36 "I am the son of God"

D. Teaching Method - Teacher should use questions and answers· teaching method.
E. Time Management -15 minutes for Opening, 30 minutes for Lesson Outline, Summary, Conclusion and' Assignment, 15 minutes for General Review.

Qi. Who is Jehovah Rohi?
Ans. The Lord our Shepherd.                    Psalm 23:1
Qii. Who is our Shepherd
Ans. The Lord Jesus Christ                       Psalm 23:1
Qiii What are the role(s) of the good shepherd over his sheep?
Ans. i. Leadership role                                Psalm 23:2
ii. Teaching and guidance role                 Psalm 23:3
iii. Protection from wandering away.        Psalm 23:2b
iv. Restoration in case of loss.                 Psalm 23: 3a
v. Protection against invasion                  Psalm 23:5
vi. The sheep knows him and can indentify his voice; therefore there is mutual trust between him and the sheep.
vii. He assures the sheep of victory in the face of war. John 10: 15; John 10:3,5
viii. He assures them of goodness and mercy.
ix. He assures them of good future.         Psalm 23:6
x. He provides the sheep with abundant food (green pasture) and eternal life. John 10: 11
xi. He is their alpha and omega, the starting and the ending. John 10:9; I Pet.5:1
Q. Who are the sheep?
Ans. The Christians - The Redeemed Christian, the believers who have voluntarily surrendered their lives to the Lord with absolute sincerity and humility.

Class Activity 1 - Why do we have goats amidst the sheep in the Church?

Qi. Who is a Hireling: John 10: 12-13; Matthew 15:7-9; Acts 20:29-30
Ans. (i.) He is a worker hired for a specific period of time to take care of the sheep.
(ii.) He/she earns wages as a reward for his labour.
(iii) He/she often has condescending interest in the sheep.
(iv.) He/she does not have vision about the growth of the sheep because his thoughts are limited to his immediate needs.
(v.) He/she does not understand the nature of the sheep.
(vi) He/she is careless about the oneness (unity) of the sheep.
Consequently, he scatters the sheep. John 10: 12 (Vii) He/she often leads the sheep astray. John1 0:8
(viii.) He/she devours the sheep rather than provide them with good food. John 10: 1 0
(ix.) The sheep do not know/trust him or her. He/she does not bestow any confidence on the sheep. John 10:5
(x.) They starve the sheep or provide them with poor food.
(xi.) The Pastor, Bishop, Evangelists, Prophets and Teachers or any other persons with the above stated traits and others calculated towards self-aggrandizement, and selfish ends is a hireling.
(xii) The hireling is far from the Lord, therefore, will end in eternal perdition. Proverbs 2:22
Qii. Now that you have known the hireling and his end, how should you treat him/footer?
Ans. (i) A good sheep must avoid the hireling. He/she should run away from the hireling flock.
(ii.) He/she should not allow himself/herself to be drawn away through 1e hireling's deception. Proverbs 4:14-15
Note –A hireling may be a man or woman, old or young.

Class Activity 2 - Differentiate between Jehovah Rohi (The true Shepherd) and the hireling (fake shepherd).

Summary: As the sheep is different from wolf so is the true shepherd different from the fake ones. Let the True Shepherd guide you.

Conclusion: Jesus is the True Shepherd. The devil and all His agents are hirelings.

Assignment: See assignment on the lesson in the workbook.